Other Industrial Applications

Cryogenic environment is required in many other industrial and commercial applications. Based on the accumulated knowledge and experiences of Stirling-type cryocoolers, Lihan can provide customer-tailored design for these applications. Detector: Lihan cryocooler provides support for cryogenic radiation detectors and laboratory analysis equipment in nuclear industry. HTS cooling: HTS power cable, HTS power generator, and HTS devices generally need a working environment around liquid nitrogen temperature. Cooling powers of Lihan cryocoolers range from several watts to kilowatts, providing a variety of options for HTS applications. BOG reliquefaction: The discharge of boiled-off gas during the transportation and storage of LNG causes pollution and is economically unfavorable. Environmental regulations have imposed strict requirements on the transportation and storage of LNG. Lihan kW-class cryocooler is an ideal solution for BOG reliquefaction and small-scale gas liquefier. Lihan can provide customer-tailored design for the applications, even meeting the stringent requirements of maritime vessels.

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