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Lihan Cryogenics (LC) is co-founded by Lihan Technologies and Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry(TIPC) of the Chinese Academy of Science in 2007, located in Shenzhen, China. Based on twenty years of thermoacoustic research in TIPC, and more than ten years of development of the linear motors and control electronics technology in LC, Lihan Cryogenics is committed to the professional design, manufacturing, commercialization of  cryocoolers (including "Stirling cryocoolers" and "Pulse tube cryocoolers ") and providing tailored solutions for user applications. 

LC has developed and manufactured a series of cryocoolers with lowest temperatures ranging from 10K to 200K, and cooling capacity ranging from milliwatt to kilowatt level. It is the only manufacturer in China to export cryocoolers in batches. Nowadays, our products are widely used in infrared imaging, nuclear detection, environment monitoring, high-temperature superconductivity, biomedical industry, and gas liquefaction, etc.


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